The Amazing Tanqueray

So here is a quick resume of Tanqueray’s history and of Tanqueray 10.


            Gin Tanqueray was on the verge of creation in 1810 by Mr. Charles Tanqueray. He first set his distillery in Bloomsburg. By 1830 he has finally found the key balance of ingredients to launch his amazing tasting gin. After the death of Charles Tanqueray, his son takes over the company who then merges with Gordon & co in 1898. This is where Tanqueray Gordon & co was formed. Tanqueray then had to move all its production from Bloomsburg to Gordons Goswell.

Tanqueray hit its highest peek between the years 1950-1960. There sales greatly increased without any help of advertising. But how come no advertising? Good question… Many celebrities had been seen drinking gin Tanqueray so quickly as soon as people saw that they were automatically attracted to this product. In 1962 they sold 25 674 cases only in the U.S. Then with every year that went by it only went with massive increase. By the year 1979 they sold 1 million bottles, now how great is that.

So now comes the amazing Tanqueray 10. It was first launched in the year 2000. Since it is a gin who hit massive success, within the first few months it hit 7 top US awards. It is a more elaborate gin with very well picked ingredients being, fresh grapefruit, orange, lime and chamomile. It was not only based with Tanqueray’s regular fruit peel ingredients. All this giving its such unique and great taste. Tanqueray 10 is the only gin in the world spirits hall of fame. It also won gold and double gold for 4 consecutive years and by the year 2012 yet again it won double gold at the world spirits competition in San Francisco. This is why tonight we Tanqueray.images


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