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Ciroc Smooth

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Fun advertisement video.


Ciroc, a celebrity.

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Ciroc Vodka, famous in the world of hip-hop. Found in all great celebrity after parties. Reason for this? Cirocs main ambassador is Sean Combs AKA “P-diddy” famous hip-hop artist, CEO and founder of bad boy world wide entertainment group. Also master businessman who has helped many other celebrities reach the top. In 2007 Sean Combs first started to be ambassador in the means to create and promote this premium vodka known world wide and to be appreciated world wide. Naturally Ciroc being officially owned by Diageo PLC had mainly joint partners and made diddy there spokes person to promote the new product easily in the everyday nightlife.Image

          Now as much as “Diddy” is a very famous artist and Diageo is a huge multinational alcoholic beverage company, the main creator of this vodka comes from a renowned French wine region and goes quit a few years back. His name is Jean-Sebastien Robiquet and it is said that his family is one of the first family-owned business in the cognac trade. Ciroc Vodka is one of world’s only vodkas consisting of white grapes. There production grape is named the “snap frost”, consisting of “Mauzac blanc” from the Gaillac region of France and “Ugni blanc” from the cognac region. This vodka is not only unique for the fact that its main ingredient is grape but also because it is a vodka created in a cold process. Maceration, fermentation and storage process is all equal to cold. Why? Well because the cold process is said to preserve freshness and a more flavorful extract of the fruits themselves, making this vodka have a more present flavor and great smoothness.Image

          Other fun facts to know, when your out in the region of Quebec looking for a bottle of Ciroc. You will notice that at any bar the Vodka label will be hidden with a band. The reason for this is that the laws in Quebec indicate that they do not consider a vodka to be vodka if it is made of grapes. Yet Ciroc is and will always be vodka.

         And one last thing! A simple and easy cocktail I would recommend to try would be the classic Ciroc Diddy, simply consisting of Ciroc “snap frost” and lemonade. For now keep it this way… “when you think Ciroc think hip-hop”Image

Canadien Club adventure video

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Now you know how serious they really are.

Canadian Club

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Canadian Clubs fun facts…


DID YOU KNOW, that James Bond was often drinking CC in most of his movies?

-That the Queen Victoria drank Canadian Club at the end of the 19th century and it was known as her favorite whisky.

-In 1872 Lady Randolph Churchill walked into the Exclusive Manhattan Club, asked the bartender to make a Canadian club based cocktail with something sweet. The bartender added sweet vermouth to the Canadian club and since then the Manhattan was born… well at least legend says?

-A famous picture of James Dean walking through Times Square in the 19th century.  You can see in the middle tall building at the back written in big the Canadian Club label.A little blurry but its there. 😉Image

-The Canadian Club “Hide a Case” consisted of hiding 25 cases of CC at random places around the world, adventurers are welcome to go on the hunt and find the cases. Yet til this day some are still not found. How fun!

-The name club originally came from the fact that CC was only found in the finest gentlemen clubs.Image


-During prohibition there was many copies of CC created. This is why Bill “the real” McCoy became a well known name. He was a man who had a great clientele so Canadian Club hired him to sell the real Canadian Club whisky. This way people could be able to refer to him to get the real and original product.

-The Canadian Club bootleggers bottle was a thin but large sized bottle. It was named this way because men and women would hide it in their boots and coats during the prohibition… BOOT-LEGGER come on thats almost obvious :).Image


Mainly what is left to say else then what a great product! Canadian Club has quite a large variety of random facts which is what makes it so Canadian and proud to be!

It is a whisky made out of a blend of neutral corn spirits and rye flavoring spirits aged in oak barrels for 7 years. Described as lighter then scotch and smoother then bourbon. None like the other! You can find it in 150 different countries globally so try it! Amen to all Canadians J



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First thing I loved place is busy and we like that 🙂 great 5 a 7 filled with an older crowd great vide!! Though it is not so much of a place to go for cocktails, more of a wine bar. Would definitely be a great place to go have a glass of wine after a long day of work! No reservations so expect a little 15 min wait 🙂 oh and I almost forgot loved the music just a little relax deep house always feels great yeahh !!

Famous Amrut

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If on a cold lonely night you feel a sudden crave for a good dram of whisky, your eyes will possibly lean on a good old scotch, or why not a warm spicy bourbon, or a small batch Canadian rye. But no one yet would automatically go for an Indian bottling.


The whisky industry has gone through many trends, ups and downs, just as any other would. If it is true that there is a rise of interest in the small batches, special woods and maturing techniques, we would never imagine people pushing their curiosity towards Asia regarding the subject. (Although, India has recently reached the position of biggest consumer of whisky in the world). Fact!

Now of course India has its traditional local beverages, such as palm-based alcohol, fruit wines, and Arrack (based on the fermentation and distillation of coconut sap, or molasses). But we know colonisation brought along with ethnic massacres, religious wars and public transports, a taste for fine malts. New elites were educated with British culture and anything from the empire was luxury.  As the Brits left India, the imports of scotch became overly taxed. We are talking about over 500% of taxes on a bottle of fine single malt. As it has been proved in the past, taxes will never stop the human being from drinking.  While rich classes can afford expensive imports bottling’s, the poorer have had to satisfy themselves with blends based on neutral spirits that are distilled from fermented molasses with only a small portion consisting of traditional malt whisky, usually about 10 to 12 per cent. I know Scottish people that would rather kiss the queen than call this beverage a whisky.


 You would think “why don’t  Indians do whisky that is actual whisky?”. First, sugar cane is cheaper to produce than barley in India. The second reason would be the same as the one that gave birth to English style gin. Back in the days, when English soldiers discovered Dutch courage “Genève “on the European battlefields during the 30 years War, they came back home with the taste and addiction to it, but not quite the knowledge and hardware to produce the same spirit. When the imperialist colons left India, they didn’t really teach the art of distillation and cask maturation to their former subjects. While the first Japanese distiller had studied the art of distilling in Scotland, and brought this knowledge back to Japan in the early 1920s, the Indian population just started produced a by-product that could be as similar as possible in terms of tastes, no matter what techniques of production would be used.  Always remembering that the protectionist taxation system rends prohibitive to the masses the acquisition of fine Scottish scotches.

Recent regulations on what could be legally called scotch have encouraged development of malt whiskeys in India, also promoting the evolutions of skills. We can now find Sherry casks matured malts, or cask strength bottling’s.

One of the only brand worldwide available is Amrut. The company started liquor production just as the country was gaining its independence in 1948. This whisky is made from selected Indian barley grown at the feet of the Himalayas, mashed and distilled in small batches, and matured in oak barrels 3000feet above the sea level in Bangalore, with a tropical climate, high temperature and high humidity levels speeds the ageing process, increasing the angel’s share, which mean they are generally younger than their Gaelic counterpart. . They usually are bottled slightly above what we would be used, at 46% for the single malt. A blend of Scottish malt and Indian barley is available at 50%, while a cask strength is available at 61,8 %. Like most of Indian whiskies, Amrut is generally fruity and malty. Their selection is available in Canada, and is definitely worth trying for softer palates. Just remember never to call it scotch in front of a true Scottish gentleman if you don’t want Sean Connery to come kick your lower parts .





Bresilian coffee !!

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Great way to start a day, expresso cognac, grand marnier, Tia Maria and whipped cream! Yum 🙂