Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Whisky, Whiskey and Tennessee … say what?? Ya I’m a little confused…


            Alright in whiskeys or whisky’s there are quite a few different terms. For people who do not know so much about it they may find it confusing at first, or actually not really understand or even possibly care. I actually was confused about it all so for a better understanding I decide to make a deep and long research about it, which I will share and write down in a quick and easy way to understand.

            So for starters the terms Bourbon, Scotch, Rye and Tennessee are made so because they are either from different geographical areas or consist of different ingredients. Every one of them has its very own grain and calculated amount since whiskeys all have a federal standard to follow in their process of making. Bourbon and Tennessee are both from the United States, Bourbon is mostly found in Kentucky and for Tennessee, well that’s kind of easy… it will be found in Tennessee. The main difference in these two is that Tennessee whiskey undergoes the Lincoln county process, which is an added filtration process. It is filtered through sugar-maple charcoal while Bourbon is simply chilled before filtration, to make it easier to filter its impurities. Though they both meet the same legal process in the making of Bourbon they are still to be named differently. So just so you know Jack Daniels is not to be called a Bourbon but a Tennessee whiskey.







 Whisky or Whiskey??

            This is also a difference that differs geographically. Mainly Scotch Canadian or whisky’s found in the other areas of the world are spelt without the “E”. American and Irish prefer whiskey with the “E”, why so well it’s quite a random and funny story that goes way back to around the year 1870. When the Irish were exporting to America they madly wanted to differentiate there whiskey because Scottish whisky was not so great back then, so this is a reason why they first started to use both those terms and why until this day it is still kept this way. Don’t get me wrong though Scotland whisky is now one of worlds greatest whisky’s!! Also in Scotland the term whiskey spelt with the “E” is known as a very different brew. This is why we must be quit careful with the way we spell both whisky’s because the people who take this very seriously and with great heart will get very insulted. At the end of the day we must respect the great creators of such great products J.   


            Now for Rye, it is pretty obvious that rye is made of “by law” 51% rye. It is mostly made and produced around Pensylvania and Maryland. Canadian whisky is also called rye even though there standards do not fit with the true rye standards. How can that be? Well we will have to have another great chapter about all of this because there is a lot more to whiskey\whisky then it seems, only many more great stories and discoveries! Cheers!!


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