Burgundy Lion

Burgundy Lion





         To start off simple, great place, good looking staff ;), great service and more then enough whiskey choices. It is one of the biggest whiskey bars in all of North America with around 320 different choices of whiskey. Going from all your favorite classic whiskeys to whiskeys from all over the world like India and Japan!!

         Also just for a quick little add on (I’m guessing the name Burgundy is for the area where the pub is found in, AKA little burgundy and the lion well that’s pretty easy I would personally suggest it to be the pubs great fierceness J!!) Image

         Burgundy lion is filled with a great atmosphere where you automatically feel welcomed at home. Being described as a British pub but with a more modern look you can find a great yet simple selection of cocktails and also a food menu. Every month they select 3 different types of whiskeys. For the total price of 22$ you get to taste all 3 when ever or whichever time you feel like drinking. Either for your breakfast lunch or dinner J nothing wrong with that!! Image 

         So in all I would simply love to add that this place is a must. Do not be wasting your life away when you could be enjoying such a great pub!!! (I really mean this) May the lion inside of you finally be set free!! Hehe J lots of love!!!!


2 Responses to “Burgundy Lion”

  1. sylvie Says:

    Where is Burgundy Lion ? What country ? Address??

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