Young J !

Mr. Jameson

On Thursday February 21st I attended an event where I got to taste Jameson whiskey and Redbreast 12 year whiskey. The representative was really great (amazing Irish accent) and I really got to learn more then I knew about these two whiskeys. We also got real nice silver Jameson flasks!! LOVED IT! IMG_0013
So briefly ill share the main points about both these whiskeys. Number 1, THE most important point needed to know would be… since 1780 Jameson is and always will be distilled 3 times. John Jameson wanted it that way because he claims that it always made the whiskey of a more “veloute” texture. After what I tasted ill definitely confirm that, to me Jameson had a very nutty, vanilla and berry flavors. It was much stronger then the Redbreast whiskey though. Redbreast I thought was very soft not to strong of a smooth texture. It would just be great to simply drink at home or socially at anytime.:) IMG_0015
Both of these whiskeys are from Ireland. Redbreast is a blended whiskey, while meanwhile Jameson is the Irish whiskey the most sold throughout the world. Go figure… with 140 different countries of distribution. If you have never herd about Jameson well then there is now definitely a reason why you should get off your lazy bum. Amen to that!!


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