Canadian Club

Canadian Clubs fun facts…


DID YOU KNOW, that James Bond was often drinking CC in most of his movies?

-That the Queen Victoria drank Canadian Club at the end of the 19th century and it was known as her favorite whisky.

-In 1872 Lady Randolph Churchill walked into the Exclusive Manhattan Club, asked the bartender to make a Canadian club based cocktail with something sweet. The bartender added sweet vermouth to the Canadian club and since then the Manhattan was born… well at least legend says?

-A famous picture of James Dean walking through Times Square in the 19th century.  You can see in the middle tall building at the back written in big the Canadian Club label.A little blurry but its there. 😉Image

-The Canadian Club “Hide a Case” consisted of hiding 25 cases of CC at random places around the world, adventurers are welcome to go on the hunt and find the cases. Yet til this day some are still not found. How fun!

-The name club originally came from the fact that CC was only found in the finest gentlemen clubs.Image


-During prohibition there was many copies of CC created. This is why Bill “the real” McCoy became a well known name. He was a man who had a great clientele so Canadian Club hired him to sell the real Canadian Club whisky. This way people could be able to refer to him to get the real and original product.

-The Canadian Club bootleggers bottle was a thin but large sized bottle. It was named this way because men and women would hide it in their boots and coats during the prohibition… BOOT-LEGGER come on thats almost obvious :).Image


Mainly what is left to say else then what a great product! Canadian Club has quite a large variety of random facts which is what makes it so Canadian and proud to be!

It is a whisky made out of a blend of neutral corn spirits and rye flavoring spirits aged in oak barrels for 7 years. Described as lighter then scotch and smoother then bourbon. None like the other! You can find it in 150 different countries globally so try it! Amen to all Canadians J



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