Ciroc, a celebrity.

Ciroc Vodka, famous in the world of hip-hop. Found in all great celebrity after parties. Reason for this? Cirocs main ambassador is Sean Combs AKA “P-diddy” famous hip-hop artist, CEO and founder of bad boy world wide entertainment group. Also master businessman who has helped many other celebrities reach the top. In 2007 Sean Combs first started to be ambassador in the means to create and promote this premium vodka known world wide and to be appreciated world wide. Naturally Ciroc being officially owned by Diageo PLC had mainly joint partners and made diddy there spokes person to promote the new product easily in the everyday nightlife.Image

          Now as much as “Diddy” is a very famous artist and Diageo is a huge multinational alcoholic beverage company, the main creator of this vodka comes from a renowned French wine region and goes quit a few years back. His name is Jean-Sebastien Robiquet and it is said that his family is one of the first family-owned business in the cognac trade. Ciroc Vodka is one of world’s only vodkas consisting of white grapes. There production grape is named the “snap frost”, consisting of “Mauzac blanc” from the Gaillac region of France and “Ugni blanc” from the cognac region. This vodka is not only unique for the fact that its main ingredient is grape but also because it is a vodka created in a cold process. Maceration, fermentation and storage process is all equal to cold. Why? Well because the cold process is said to preserve freshness and a more flavorful extract of the fruits themselves, making this vodka have a more present flavor and great smoothness.Image

          Other fun facts to know, when your out in the region of Quebec looking for a bottle of Ciroc. You will notice that at any bar the Vodka label will be hidden with a band. The reason for this is that the laws in Quebec indicate that they do not consider a vodka to be vodka if it is made of grapes. Yet Ciroc is and will always be vodka.

         And one last thing! A simple and easy cocktail I would recommend to try would be the classic Ciroc Diddy, simply consisting of Ciroc “snap frost” and lemonade. For now keep it this way… “when you think Ciroc think hip-hop”Image


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