Liquor to discover this month at Bar le Lab. La liquor a decouvrire au Bar le Lab ce mois si.

Luzardo Marashino, the story of a great history involving a creative woman and the violence of World War II.

 Maria Canevari (Girolamo Luxardo’s wife) would spend her days preparing her own homemade liquors. She was in the search to reproduce “rosolio maraschino” which was a popular liquor found in Dalmatia since the medieval times. One day she fell upon a great liquor that she shared with her family, it was yet so yummy that the rest of the port city of Zara had to have a taste. Soon with such a great upcoming success they founded their distillery in 1821. A few generations flew by and Luxardo was still doing absolutely great, but all great things hit a big bang eventually.Image That’s when WWII hit. In the year 1940:  German’s invaded the port city of Zara. This involved many bombings and much slaughtering, which lead to a severely destroyed distillery and many luxardo brothers found dead. I’m sure at that moment in time everybody had the feeling of devastation and depression. It explains why we would have only guessed Luxardo was doomed to disappear. “Wow I made this sound like the end of it…” absolutely not though. Only one brother of the 4th generation survived. He had the courage and believed in rebuilding and continuing the Luxardo’s great success. So the distillery was then rebuilt in the Veneto region. With all the hard work and belief Luxardo is still a success a great success today.Image


          The 6th generation is still active today, not only does luxardo produce maraschino but they also have different products and great variety,





Passion Nera



 Last but not least quick info on Marashino liquor. It is one of the very few types of liquor in the world to be produced by distillation. There main ingredient is the marasca, which is a sour cherry exclusively cultivated by luxardo. It is matured for two years in Finnish ash vats, after the mature it will then be diluted and sugared. Consists of 32% alcohol, clean colored and lovely smell of cherry. Salute!!!Image


One Response to “Liquor to discover this month at Bar le Lab. La liquor a decouvrire au Bar le Lab ce mois si.”

  1. To be coming soon, a special little cocktail made by me with the use of maraschino. 🙂

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