Sweet happy & excited :)

Sweet happy & excited :)

El Tinieblo, premium mezcal made with a hand blown glass bottle and created in the depts of massive volcanoes. Been produced since 1865 in Tamaulipas, Mexico. By 1998 it came owner ship of A.P. Salinas who marketed it until this day. It is produced the classic way with no machines and all man crafted. They use espadin, Salmiana and American agaves. El Tinieblo has a pinch of a smoky smell a light taste of black sea salty, wild sagebrush and graphite. You can find the classic blanco, reposado and anejo, “my favorite would be blanco ☺”!!! For its true trademark from its connoisseurs El Tinieblo mixed with oysters, equals, a great balance of happy & horny! 😉 ENJOY!!!


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