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Bright Monterrey

Posted in Uncategorized on 22/08/2013 by mixanddream

Monterrey, city of mountains and business class of Mexico. Top nine for largest city in its nation, filled with a never-ending amount of gentlemen, and constant memorable moments.Image

         My first impression, what a great city, with a lot more to it then drug trades and violence, to be quit honest, Monterrey is probably the safest city of Mexico. Id confirm that, well at least I didn’t see anything bad happen and I did not feel unsafe at all. So no worries its pretty nice down there! Meanwhile lets get into this random adventure. Since I have a close friend who lives in Monterrey I was able to live in her day-to-day life so I got to have the full packaged life style. Including, family parties, unique food, church on Sundays, a little partying, and also certain things whom are better left unsaid. 😉Image

         As I first set foot I noticed three things. First: its very hot but thank god, no humidity. Second: men are gentlemen! Never did I have to open up any doors for myself, car door front door whatever you name it. They will just think of any possible way where they can help you and or simply do something for you, even when id be drunk id almost have some like personal body guard who would always make sure in anyway that nothing would happen to me. This was by far my favorite thing. Third: Religion is still big down there. Not that I disagree with this at all but I just personally haven’t practiced in a very long time. So going to church on a Sunday was quite the experience. I guess the more south you go the more religious it gets??

         The food I had in Monterrey: My favorite dish was a “sahimy of tuna” served on a crispy tostada with fresh and juicy red tuna, ginger and a splash of lemon. I had this at a restaurant called black market located in San Pedro. (They have some cool concept going on.) ImageAlso I’ve always loved spicy food, but here it’s pretty damn spicy. (Should have seen my face after my first bite into a full spoon of salsa on a tostada, priceless!) They have so many different types of salsas and various cute little tacos that you can have for breakfast lunch or dinner, delicious carpaccio and always plentiful of tostadas to mix in with the 10 different salsas you will have on the dinner table. I also tried two very typical meals that I had never tried before. First: Mole, (pronounced “molé”) which is just this brown looking thing that really has nothing to appealing to it, but tastes quite alright. It consists of chili, peanuts, chicken and chocolate all mashed up together to form this puree texture. The second typical food I tried was “Cabrito”, also known as goat meat. It was actually really good, very tender and tasty. Personally I like it better then chicken. I went to one of the largest selling cabrito restaurant. There presentation from the main window outside is the one of the picture bellow. Intense but nice. In all the food here is far better then three amigos…(obvious)Image

         I also tried some backyard fruits. Freshly picked off of a tree, pomegranate, which tastes a million times better then the ones found here with a yellow exterior instead of bright pink. The second fruit was Guayaba, it’s a little round ball, yellow colored. The skin is edible and has a sour taste; its inside is of a fig texture with a much sweeter taste. It’s a nice mix of sweet and sour.Image

         Now how about the bars I visited to add a little cocktail to this trip. I certainly went to a lot of local bars where it’s simply all about beer. I tried the El Tinieblo restaurant in san Pedro.  They had some great cocktails, good food and lots of shots. (Mezcal makes me so hyper and happy. J) In general though cocktails didn’t seem so big in Monterrey. For the rest I just noticed a few cool things. At a club named “pepper” I got the best service ever! The waiters fill up your drinks and light your cigarettes so you pretty much just sit back and worry about nothing. There also totally dressed in army suits so its just such a funny situation. The bars and clubs in Mexico almost all have live bands. Makes up for a nice ambiance. (Funny fact: on my first night out I went to a club with live music and the main singer was pretty cute but was one of those no good sweet talkers and he had a “drunken” thing for me that night. He turned out to be a total drunk mess but made my night real entertaining with all his repetitive conversations that lead to absolutely nothing lol such discomfort but hey that’s what drunk talk does for ya.)Image

         In all I really had a great time and I miss it everyday! L There is so much more to Monterrey, and so much more to my time spent there. I didn’t get to do everything but I did enough to know I loved it. I would go again anytime. The people I met there and the friends I made made every moment memorable. But hey it’s only the beginning of my adventures!  Gracias por su atencion!