Bio: Well hello! For who ever is curious to know me and who I am well, my name is Anne. I thought I would share a little piece of me. What I do in my regular life, what are some of my passions, and why not pretty much just explain the aspect of my blog. ☺ The reason for the start of my blog is simply two things. 1- I like to write and learn new things. 2- I thought to myself; if I’m going to take the time to write and research well why not share it with the rest of the world. Presently I work at “Lab Comptoire a Cocktail” located in Montreal more so plateau area on 1351 rachel est. This bar is probably the main meaningreason of all this. Getting to know spirits is a requirement and by getting to know them I realized how much I was always eager for more. The more I know the better it is and so on. This simply led to a passion I never really new about until this day. I’m positive, tend to always look for more and I’m a big believer. I love keeping busy so I will keep writing articles as needed and help everybody learn as much as they feel the need to. If anybody is looking for a way to contact me for any questions or criticizing and what not my e-mail is mixanddream@gmail.com I am opened to everythinganything. Thanks for reading!

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