Marana Chacha

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Maraschino based cocktail for the month which I came up with 🙂 we’ve got maraschino, pisco, lime, pineapple and almond syrup!! Come have a try at Lab !


Secrets of Rye!

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As in every single industry, there are trends in the bar life that develops and disappear every year. Some will last weeks, some years, some will be a proper rebirth. I’m talking here about home-made bitters, flavoured vodkas, barrel aged cocktails and so on… Some are not new. Some are rediscoveries. And I am talking here about… Rye Whiskey! Until a couple of years ago, not many bartenders would have been able to talk you through the upsell of your Manhattan to a rye. As we know, until early 2000’s, it was hard to get a proper Manhattan, including bitters. It’s only been about 10 years that bartenders came back to respecting traditional old school recipes, and using rye, as the originally prescribed.Image

So a quick analyse of this return to Rye whiskeys. The interesting flavour profile developed by the darker cereal is a reason good enough. But, as cocktail bars are opening every month all around the biggest cities in the world, there are more and more true, professional bartenders, with real skills and proper knowledge .Concurrence is around the corner, and you need to make a difference in your products, and chat. The return to old recipes, the respect of traditions long lost, and the clear (and justified) will to show off the skills (come on, you know it’s true), partially explains the recent booming of the sales in rye. Professionals can, and will, judge a good cocktail bar (also) by the selection of Rye. On the customer point of view, it becomes easier to awake their curiosity on what is known as a “grown-ups” spirit. You know, that average Joe with his date on a Tuesday early afternoon in your bar, well, he recently understood that ordering a cosmo or a pina colada for himself will not help him marking virility points.Image

A very basic legal reminder of the legal term for Rye. There are several categories with different legal requirements for each one of them.  Rye whiskey and straight Rye don’t have geographical boundaries within the US, just like bourbon. Also, Rye whiskey needs to be distilled from a mash made of at least 51% of rye, and just like bourbons it must have been aged at least 2 years in brand new charred oak barrels. To get the appellation “straight Rye”, it must be distilled at no more than 80% ABV (160 proof), and barrelled for ageing at a strength above 62,5% ABV. This will guarantee the preservation of the flavours during distillation and the strength of the spirit after several years of ageing.  Image

Canadian Whiskeys are usually believed to be the same thing as Ryes. That is just a misunderstood. They do contain rye, but in lesser proportions. The base is usually a corn spirit then blended with another whiskey that will act as flavouring. If you do make a tasting you notice they are less challenging, not as bold as their American counter parts.

Now rye is to cereal pretty much what pepper is to seasoning. It will give these spicy notes, boldness to the spirit that makes it more interesting for expert opened palates. The regulations on distilling and ageing make everything to guarantee a fully developed flavour, and it makes a truly significant impact as an ingredient for your classics. The product is bolder, spicier, less sweet, more complex. Just as you will find the difference between a smooth grey goose wheat based vodka, and a Belvedere rye vodka, the same applies to whiskeys. Wheat and corn predominant mashes will give you softer, more approachable spirits. You can even feel the difference trying 2 different types of bourbons. Both largely corn based, but one with more wheat (Maker’s Marks) and another with more rye (Woodford’s Reserve). The difference is notable.

How to drink it:

Rye can be drunk the way you want it. A bit of ice will help opening the flavours. They usually are at a higher ABV than average, so you might want to go easy on your little taste buds. If you are to mix it, or use it in cocktails, be reasonable. Go for classics, and don’t overdo it. No need to go crazy, you want to enjoy the thing at its best. Go for classics, pre prohibition, golden age, archaic era… And just to make it clear, Manhattans are to be made with Rye. And I insist on Rye there, and even if a bourbon, or a Canadian whiskey will do, keep it as a second choice, it just won’t be the same. These classics where born like this. In fact, before the spectacularly failed noble experiment (Prohibition), Rye whiskey was THE stuff. Not only to show around your knowledge and pair of balls, but if you open any old school cocktail book, you will see it mentioned specifically. RYE, not bourbon, nor Canadian whiskey, nor whatever. RYE! For a good reason. Try a Blinker (rye, grapefruit juice, grenadine, straight up) with Canadian Club. Nothing exceptional. Now try it with Sazerac, or Russel’s reserve. Dude! You know it’s the stuff. And the stuff had issues getting back on every bar’s shelves after the Volstead Act was repealed. Well that’s what we are here for. Making sure our patrons imbibe themselves with potable poison. Educate the drinking, expand the flavour horizons…Image


Gary reagan

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Grand passionné de la culture bar Gary Reagan nous a fais part de sa philosophie et de son savoir, le lundi 25 mars 2013 à Paris. Écrivain de plusieur livre de bar notament ” Joy of mixologie”, The bartender’s bible”, ” Gaz Reagan’s 101 Best New Cocktails 2012″… ainsi le créateur du célébre Reagan’s orange bitter. vidéo à venir sous peut 🙂 IMG_2910regans-orange-bitters

Liquor to discover this month at Bar le Lab. La liquor a decouvrire au Bar le Lab ce mois si.

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Luzardo Marashino, the story of a great history involving a creative woman and the violence of World War II.

 Maria Canevari (Girolamo Luxardo’s wife) would spend her days preparing her own homemade liquors. She was in the search to reproduce “rosolio maraschino” which was a popular liquor found in Dalmatia since the medieval times. One day she fell upon a great liquor that she shared with her family, it was yet so yummy that the rest of the port city of Zara had to have a taste. Soon with such a great upcoming success they founded their distillery in 1821. A few generations flew by and Luxardo was still doing absolutely great, but all great things hit a big bang eventually.Image That’s when WWII hit. In the year 1940:  German’s invaded the port city of Zara. This involved many bombings and much slaughtering, which lead to a severely destroyed distillery and many luxardo brothers found dead. I’m sure at that moment in time everybody had the feeling of devastation and depression. It explains why we would have only guessed Luxardo was doomed to disappear. “Wow I made this sound like the end of it…” absolutely not though. Only one brother of the 4th generation survived. He had the courage and believed in rebuilding and continuing the Luxardo’s great success. So the distillery was then rebuilt in the Veneto region. With all the hard work and belief Luxardo is still a success a great success today.Image


          The 6th generation is still active today, not only does luxardo produce maraschino but they also have different products and great variety,





Passion Nera



 Last but not least quick info on Marashino liquor. It is one of the very few types of liquor in the world to be produced by distillation. There main ingredient is the marasca, which is a sour cherry exclusively cultivated by luxardo. It is matured for two years in Finnish ash vats, after the mature it will then be diluted and sugared. Consists of 32% alcohol, clean colored and lovely smell of cherry. Salute!!!Image

Ciroc Smooth

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Fun advertisement video.

Ciroc, a celebrity.

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Ciroc Vodka, famous in the world of hip-hop. Found in all great celebrity after parties. Reason for this? Cirocs main ambassador is Sean Combs AKA “P-diddy” famous hip-hop artist, CEO and founder of bad boy world wide entertainment group. Also master businessman who has helped many other celebrities reach the top. In 2007 Sean Combs first started to be ambassador in the means to create and promote this premium vodka known world wide and to be appreciated world wide. Naturally Ciroc being officially owned by Diageo PLC had mainly joint partners and made diddy there spokes person to promote the new product easily in the everyday nightlife.Image

          Now as much as “Diddy” is a very famous artist and Diageo is a huge multinational alcoholic beverage company, the main creator of this vodka comes from a renowned French wine region and goes quit a few years back. His name is Jean-Sebastien Robiquet and it is said that his family is one of the first family-owned business in the cognac trade. Ciroc Vodka is one of world’s only vodkas consisting of white grapes. There production grape is named the “snap frost”, consisting of “Mauzac blanc” from the Gaillac region of France and “Ugni blanc” from the cognac region. This vodka is not only unique for the fact that its main ingredient is grape but also because it is a vodka created in a cold process. Maceration, fermentation and storage process is all equal to cold. Why? Well because the cold process is said to preserve freshness and a more flavorful extract of the fruits themselves, making this vodka have a more present flavor and great smoothness.Image

          Other fun facts to know, when your out in the region of Quebec looking for a bottle of Ciroc. You will notice that at any bar the Vodka label will be hidden with a band. The reason for this is that the laws in Quebec indicate that they do not consider a vodka to be vodka if it is made of grapes. Yet Ciroc is and will always be vodka.

         And one last thing! A simple and easy cocktail I would recommend to try would be the classic Ciroc Diddy, simply consisting of Ciroc “snap frost” and lemonade. For now keep it this way… “when you think Ciroc think hip-hop”Image

Canadien Club adventure video

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Now you know how serious they really are.